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Soap in a Jar - Emerald Sea


Luxury scented soap in a jar. Leaves a clean, soft and moisturized feel to skin - your skin will feel silky smooth and smell great! The lather of this whipped soap is amazing - you will absolutely love it! It makes a great face & body wash or hand soap - it's so smooth you can even get a wonderful shave with it. A little goes a long way - just scoop out a dollop into your hands, bath poof, or washcloth and watch the foamy lather and bubbles. Once you try it you will be hooked! Paraben Free.

Fragrance: EMERALD SEA - This is a wonderful fruity floral blend brightened by lemon and lime. Layers of mango and peach balance with peony, violet and sampaguita flower for an exotic sensation. A dry down of sweet musk and grated coconut completes the blend.

Size: 4 oz jar

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