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Teen Hair Chalking Trend, Good Morning America

Watch the video on Good Morning America about Hair Chalking they even mention Manic Panic! :)

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Hair dye lovers and cancer.

I recently noticed on facebook that one of our page followers mentioned how she has to wear wigs now because she has cancer. It really got me thinking about how easily things like our health, and our ability to color our hair can be taken for granted.

Kelsie was kind enough to share her photos in our gallery and tell a little bit about about having cancer. She posted photos showing what her hair looked like before losing her hair (dyed fun colors of course!), to her beautiful bald head, and photos of her new wig, which she even had colored purple!

I made a collage of some of Kelsie’s photos and posted it on facebook, with a very positive response from others giving Kelsie their support. Here is the collage:

Feel free to post a comment for Kelsie, I am sure she needs all the positive thoughts her way she can get as she battles cancer.

I hope when Kelsie gets better she will post some more photos of her dyed hair. Can’t wait to see them! Best wishes to Kelsie!

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Ariel from Icon For Hire Splat Pink Hair Dye

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Lavender Hair YouTube Review!


Thanks RinRejection for your video about how to get your Lavender hair youtube review! Your hair color looks great! Thanks for linking to us!


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Trend setting

We noticed quite a few hits coming from Garotas Estúpidas – which looks to be a Portuguese trend setting fashion blog that wrote an article about hair dye. Very cool! Thanks to Garotas Estúpidas for including a link to iDyeMyHair.com on your article about rainbow colored hair!!

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La Riche Directions BACK IN STOCK!

I know some of you have been waiting quite awhile for a few shades of La Riche Directions to be back in stock – it’s finally here! All colors available! Directions Hair Lightening (bleaching) kits are also back in stock, along with Directions hair care products! Yay! :)

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Awesome Rainbow Hair!

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Hair

Here is a gorgeous photo of rainbow hair submitted to our gallery!
Colors used:
Manic Panic Red Passion
Manic Panic Electric Banana
N Rage Twisted Teal
N Rage Plum Purple
Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink

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Rihanna RED Manic Panic hair on the cover of Vogue!

Rihanna red hair on the April cover of vogue

Rihanna Manic Panic Red Vogue Cover

Rihanna Manic Panic Red Vogue Cover

This month’s cover of vogue features the pop icon Rihanna with her gorgeous Manic Panic RED hair. This red color is a secret mix of several shades of Manic Panic styled by Anthony Leonard from Oribé. We don’t know the exact mix and neither does Tish & Snooky at Manic Panic, but it is becoming more and more popular to mix your own custom blends and multicolored Manic Panic hair colors! Why have one color straight from the jar when you can be creative? To see more Rihanna pictures with her vivid red hair, check her out in Vogue magazine, or go directly to the Rihanna Vogue Slideshow.

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Avril Lavigne Green and Pink hair

We’ve received some questions from people looking for “Avril Lavigne green and pink hair” asking what colors to buy to match her color. What products do you think were used? We’re guessing Manic Panic Electric Lizard and Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink for this look.
Another popular pink that should match is Special Effects Atomic Pink. There are several options available to get similar results, but I think this should do it!

View some more avril lavigne hair pictures:
Avril Lavigne Rocks Neon Hair and Neck Tattoo
Would You Try Neon Hair?

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