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Emo & Scene Hair Styles

Emo and scene hair styles has become very popular over the last few years for people looking for a bit more of an edgy fashionable look. While in general these styles are very similar, some would point out there are some differences. The main difference between "emo kids" and "scene kids" however is defined more by attitude and the way they behave and dress than hair styles. "Emo" is seen as quiet, dark, and depressing. "Scene" is seen as more social, fun, and upbeat.

What's the difference between Emo hair and Scene hair?
Scene hair is like an emo hair style mixed with glam, and a bit more edgy. Both styles are defined by having bangs/fringes swept across the front, with a layered, strategically messy appearance. Scene hair is often puffy, teased, or spiked up in back. Scene hair is usually longer, and more vibrant with colors.

Emo and Scene hair colors
Emo hairstyles are can be any color, there are no rules. They are often natural colors. If they style has an unnatural color, it usually leans more toward darker shades like blue, purple or red. Color can be added to the tips, or as streaks in the hair, or the whole thing. Scene hair is similar, but more about bright fun colors. There are many variations of these types of hair styles - it's always fun to look around at other styles to give you new ideas to develop your own personal look.

The cut
Both emo and scene hairstyles are known for their jagged appearance, styled with different layers and cuts. The cut should have uneven proportions but with a nice shape to it. It should look good, even if it's misshapen. Using a razor comb is a good way to achieve this appearance. Classic emo hair is straight. IF you have curly hair, you might try straightening it with a hair straightener. This is best for showing the layers and textures.

Our Opinion
Don't worry too much about how others might label you. Just do what you like, have fun with with your own style and be creative! ♥

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