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Manic Panic Hair Dye - Pillarbox Red

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Tish & Snooky's Manic Panic Cream Hair Dye
Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream

This famous formula of hair color is in a cream base that has the added benefit of conditioning the hair. For intense results the hair should be porous, bleached or tinted. When applied to virgin (unprocessed) hair results will vary according to hair texture and color.

*Glows in the dark

Made with natural ingredients, contains no animal by-products and tested on celebrities, not animals. Available in over 30 vibrant colors. Some even glow under a black light! Size: 4.0 oz jar

Manic Panic Directions:
1) Shampoo hair using a pH acid balanced shampoo, towel dry. 2) Empty desired amount into coloring bowl. Apply evenly with a tint brush. 3) Do not apply to scalp, but 1/2 inch from scalp. Saturate hair thoroughly, comb evenly through the hair until it becomes frothy. 4) Leave on hair for 15-30 minutes. For added intensity heat may be used. 5) Rinse hair thoroughly, away from face. Fades gradually with each shampoo.

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