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Adore Hair Dye - Crimson


I have long, thick, course/wavy/straight hair that loves to dye and style! Lucky me right?! WEll all dyes are not created equal. My first semi-perm color was luckily by adore. I read the instructions, i was going to have some hot red bangs!! I regular pasty-bleached it and applied the dye after washing on damp hair like instructed. Well, the dye only lasted 1 wash!! unbelieveable! not even barely tinted pink after! Then, I re-applied disregarded the instructions and put it on my dry hair. let it sit for about 20 minutes. and washed my hair as usual. what a difference! weeks of color! I now do my whole head this way (4 bottles later..) and it lasts way longer then my roots ever do. I will warn everyone, this color will tint your everything. Grout. Scratches in the tub, your pillow! It does fade and come out....eventually.. like.. months of no further contact and magic eraser. But the color is SO vibrant, shiny, comes off your skin with baby wipes, smells pretty nice, and rinses wonderfully! I've used manic panic-doesn't stick, beyond zone-beautiful first application-horrible mess that fades in 1 wash. and a slew of others.. nothing compares to the lasting color of adore!
Date Added: 07/29/2013 by Caitlin Baker