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Punky Colour Guide

Punky Colour product directions from bottle:

Shampoo hair and dry. Use petroleum jelly or baby oil around hairline and on ears. Use rubber gloves. Apply dye evenly from hair roots to ends with a Jerome Russell tint brush. Comb through. Leave on for approximately 15-30 minutes, then rinse out. Color will fade out with each shampoo and may last for 5-40 washes. For best results apply to dry hair, bleach hair first and do not condition.

Caution: This product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritation on certain people. Colour may last longer depending on type, condition, and porosity of hair. Patch and strand test is recommended. Do not use in the eye area, to do so may cause blindness. Avoid contact with skin and clothing, as staining will result. Not tested on animals.

Punky Colour Useage Guides from Punky Colour website:

Punky conditioning formula contains this unique polymer thingy to aid an even result from roots to tips and helps revive moisture and sheen. Full of rich conditioners, Punky Colours are designed to give your hair colour plus a healthy sheen that feels soft. Punky simply stains the hair and colour fades gradually with each wash. No peroxide is needed and it is totally safe to re-apply Punky again and again to refresh your colour.

For subtle hints of colour:

Use Punky on natural shades of hair - Mid-Brown to Jet Black. For example, on medium to dark brown or black hair, Punky Red will produce an attractive soft tinge of deep red. On medium to dark brown or black hair, Punky Plum will produce and attractive soft tinge of deep plum. Get the idea? Of course lighter colours like Yellow and Orange won't do squat to dark hair colours. Hair lighter than Mid-Brown will start to produce coloured effects. If you have blonde hair already (natural or not) you will not need to bleach. For bold, colourful, vivid and striking wacked out hair:

Use Punky on pre-lightened hair. For best results, get yourself a Punky Bleach Kit and go to town with it first. (See separate instructions when using the bleach and peroxide.) If you really want kick butt hair, bleach it as near to white as possible before using Punky Colour. Remember, the lighter your hair colour, the brighter the shade will be.

If we actually don't have the shade you're looking for, make your own unique blend by mixing different shades together. Remember that colour results will vary according to your natural or current hair colour, type, condition and colours you decide to mix. The colour will last approximately 24 - 28 shampoos on treated hair.

Wear plastic gloves provided throughout the whole colouring process.
Cover your shoulders, clothing, chair and any other surfaces when applying. This stuff stains anything and everything.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Use in a well-ventilated area.
Do not use on broken or irritated scalp.
Colour will not wash out immediately.
If the product comes into contact with eyes or face, rinse immediately with cool water. Seek medical advice if irritation persists.
It may smell good, but for the love of Punk - DO NOT INGEST.

First, carry out a SKIN TEST as follows:

Dab a very small amount of Punky behind your ear and leave on for five minutes. Rinse off with water. If an adverse reaction other than staining occurs, call it all off.

Next, carry out a STRAND TEST as follows:

Snip a few strands of hair from someplace that will not be noticed, such as the nape of the neck, and keep them together using an elastic band. Take a small amount of Punky, a teaspoon should suffice, and apply to the strands of hair. Rest the strands on something non-metallic, such as a saucer that is no longer used (keep in mind this stuff stains everything it touches). After ten minutes, check the colour by taking a piece of a wet cotton ball and wiping the colour off. If the colour is not as bright as desired, re-apply and wait another ten minutes. Repeat the above process until the desired colour is achieved. Rinse the colour from the strands, then blow dry. Check the colour again and make a note of the time take to achieve this colour. This will give you a good indication of the time needed to achieve your desired look.

Now, you're ready to roll:

Shampoo your hair, preferably with a clarifying shampoo. Since some conditioners can prevent colour from penetrating your hair by creating a barrier, don't shoot yourself in the foot and condition your hair before applying Punky - just use an ordinary shampoo. (Don't use a two-in-one.) Towel dry and cover all clothing and surfaces. Remember, Punky stains everything, this includes your skin so wear plastic gloves and cover your hairline and ears with petroleum jelly or baby oil. Now proceed to the directions below for the desired effect you freak.


Apply Punky to the hair evenly.
Ensure that hair is saturated but not dripping.
All areas to be coloured should be evenly covered with Punky.
Place plastic development cap or plastic bag over the hair (this will maintain the moisture and warmth), then start timing.

After ten to sixty minutes (the time you leave Punky on your hair depends on the depth of colour you require or the strand test you carried out) remove colour using a very small amount of shampoo.
Rinse until water urns clear with no trace of the colour.


To achieve this effect, you will need to isolate the seciton of hair you would like to colour, then apply Punky, making sure the sections of hair not to be coloured are not touched.

This is easier to do when the hair is damp using a comb to seperate the area. You may want to put a small amount of Petroleum Jelly on the surrounding hair to avoid colouring the whole head. A heavy conditioner is just as effective. Once you have applied the colour use a grip or clip to hold the seciton away from your hair.

Apply and rinse Punky as instructed in "Basic Colouring."


Ensure hair is clean and dry

Brush hair smoothly away from the face towards the back of the head. Pull on the highlight hat from the front, pushing your hair backwards and tie under your chin. Make sure as much hair as possible is under the cap to prevent Punky from contacting unwanted areas.

Using either a small metal hook (for fine colours) or a plastic hook (for thicker colours), pull strands of hair through the holes marked by the crosses on the hat. Feel free to use more or less holes depending on the desired effect.

When applying colour, massage into the hair gently to avoid colour running underneat the highlight had onto the head.


Use a highlight cap to isolate the strands of hair to be highlighted.
Apply and rinse Punky as instructed in "Basic Colouring."
When rinsing - wash off before removing the highlight cap. Then again after.
For different coloured streaks use different shade of Punky on different strands to achieve a multi-colour look.


Use a highlight cap.
Apply the first colour on the base area of a strand.
Cover with aluminum foil to protect and apply the second colour to the remaining hair and process as instructed in "Basic Colouring."


Avoid contact with eyes.
Apply Punky to the bangs or fringe only as instructed in "Basic Colouring" then twist coloured sections and grip back away from rest of hair.


The easiest way to achieve this effect is to empty the colour into a glass bowl, then dip the ends of your hair into the bowl.
Process as instructed in "Basic Colouring."


For use on very short hair.

After putting the colour in a bowl, use sponges to stipple it all over the hair.
This can be done with multiple colours to make crazy patterns, textures and effects.
Process as instructed in "Basic Colouring."


On short, cropped hair, you may use a stencil of your chosen design to produce a freaky colour picture on your hair.
Use a tinting brush to carefully paint colour over the stencil, ensuring that it does not touch areas other than within the design.