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Why Dye Your Hair?

Why do you dye your hair? Here are some responses!

Tamrha: If I can't change something in my life, I guess I change my hair! c:
Chelsie: Keeping one color is boring! Plus it helps calm me down and makes me feel good about myself. Even when it doesn't turn out how I want.
Felicia: Because it expresses me and I can
Kristin: I die my hair because its beautiful
Jordan: I have an OCD for hair dying. I constantly am dying my hair different colors && keeping it healthy. Cause sometimes I'm just not happy with one color .-.
Tina: Boredom, because I can... To piss people off.. Lol
Love: Self expression
LaLee: Because I can, and it makes me feel like me.
Oliver: Inspiration, I love adding a splash of color that compliments my eye color. Also, I feel plain and naked without a bright color in my dull world.
Steffy: Because I get bored
Samantha: I have natural gray highlights and i cant stand em lol
Caroline: Just to bring out my personality ! And colors makes me
happy Erica: to show that i am different and im proud XD
Zoe: Whenever people ask me why I have bright pink/orange/blue/whatever hair, I always answer the same: because I can!
Katrina: To be unique
Gerardo: Cuz I was born this way !
Suzy Cook Im addictied to it x.x and it always majes me happy c:
Hailiey: Because it helps me express myself Cx
Nina: For inspiration
Danae: my midget loves my blue hair
Tye: It makes me happy! And I feel like myself, and I think I make a statement.
Carie: To cover my grays & the black haircolor compliments my eyes better than my mousy brown.
Kristina: I love being able to change my hair color when I want. Gets boring having my hair the same color all the time
Natacia: Because if I don't dye my hair, they will sacrifice me to Satan.
Maryy: I like trying new things
Katelynn: I hate my natural and I feel more me by expressing new fun colors and bright
Julia: To keep it healthy.
Ashley: To cover up grey hairs lol..
Ambi: Cus I get bored with the seeing the same over and over
Brittany: i get tired of the same color all the time and it makes me happy
Eveca: to keep it red
Sami: Because I think my natural hair color is too bland. I also feel that blonde suits me better. My hair is currently a dark brown, only because I needed to get rid of a shocking color. It will be blonde again soon.
Cassandra: because its like art but on ur hair and when it turns out the way i want its like a new work of art I can be proud of
Tori: to have control over something in my life
Vixie: Self expression
Rhebekka: its a way for me to express myself. its helped me meet many people and I have been given some very interesting opportunities. also I've found my dream/passion through coloring my hair! it also makes me happy to have pink hair or even switching it up to purple..something about it is just so inspiring and exciting!!
Ronald: Fun, usually. I've had plain black for too long.
Megan: Self expression, i can tell the world I'm not afraid to be myself and colors are part of who i am.
Euge: Because it make me feel good and special
Alicia: I get bored with the way I look so I change my hair color
Sarah: I can't stand the memory my natural hair gives me....
Pamela: To match my wardrobes....of course! Lol
Vannie: because i don't like my plain dark brown hair
Megan: Because it doesn't naturally grow rainbow.
Kailee: Idk it makes me happy.